A new concept for legal medicine

Medexpert developed the organisational model that everyone uses in medical insurance in Italy today.

Gli Strumenti

  • Web Server: the first Web Server System to manage every medical process toward Insurance Companies, with the main value of being completely developed by the cooperation of IT and Medical Experts.

  • On line Expertise: Medexpert Patent Pending, currently used by all Insurance Companies in Italy.

Auditing and Outcomes

  • Detailed audit of the Medical Network's evaluations on temporary disability and congruence of recognized medical expenses, according with current Law

  • IT audited expertise is furthermore submitted to Central Medical Auditing

  • IT System provides Audit, Service Level Agreements and statistics tailored to each Company requirements
UNI EN ISO 9001 Certification

Medexpert achieved UNI EN ISO 9001 Certification (2008) by TUV Italy.

Certificate for: "Provision of services to support insurance companies for forensic scientific visits and opinions".

Certificazione di qualità ISO 9001
Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics
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