Our services

Medical assessments

Medical assessments and expertise throughout Italy

Private insurance products

Experts’ Medical Team highly skilled in medical assessment for private insurance policies on accidents, life, health, sport, risk underwriting, cpi and Foreign Claims.

Pension evaluation

Permanent disability and inability evaluation in case of complementary pensions

Documentary opinions

Documentary opinions on minor disabilities, risk assumption, policies, second opinion: delivered by the Central Medical Audit Team within 24 hours

Foreign Claims evaluations

Foreign Claims evaluations

Medical Malpractice evaluations

Medical Malpractice evaluations both in charge of practitioners than of Healthcare Structures

Revision of medical expertise

Revision of medical expertise sent by Insurance Companies’ medical networks.

Experts’ Medical Team

Experts’ Medical Team on great injuries evaluation and management
Foreign Claims evaluations
  • Thanks to our European experience we are able to provide a qualified service in converting damage evaluations from different countries to national values
  • Documentary opinions on foreign languages medical certificates  
  • Medical assessments on foreign countries
Medical Malpractice
Our Medical Experts’ Network, supported by the Clinical Network, is able to carry out appropriate assessments in compliance with predefined times, even in particularly complex cases.
Great Injuries Evaluation

Medexpert has drawn up the guidelines for compensation for damages exceeding 60% of disability deriving above all from brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and limb amputations.

OBJECTIVES: taking charge of the injured party, compensation as capital or income.
Great Injuries need specific and qualified skills on:  

  • assessment of life expectancy
  • prostheses plans
  • work reintegration prospects

All these aspects have a significant impact on the injured party’s compensation.
Medexpert settled an especially dedicated team, appointed to great injury evaluation. For this reason now we can rely on our experienced case history on the subject, aimed at managing contacts with the injured party’s family and their legal advisor from the very first steps, in order to:

  • establish a dialogue and find solutions for qualified health care
  • identify the need for psychological support
  • Thanks to this service, Insurance Company is able to:  
  • quantify the first expenses the injured party and/or the family will have to face in order to support adequate reserve
  • foresee the need to remove architectural barriers
  • check the adequacy of the prosthetic plans and equipment also with respect to the coverage offered by the NHS  

I Effective interventions in rehabilitation can contribute to the achievement of a therapeutic result that optimizes insurance costs while reducing the social impact.